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Tips & Tricks

Properly caring for your jewelry extends its life and keeps it beautiful. This means, among other things:

  • Avoid contact with care and cleaning products and other chemicals such as perfume, lotions, hairspray and household cleaners.
  • Colors may fade from seed beads, pearls, (semi-) precious stones and patinated or gilded metal by wearing the jewelry in water or by intensive friction such as sports.
  • Avoid 'kinking' steel wire, so that the jewelry retains its original shape. This also applies to storing the jewelry.
  • Store each piece of jewelry separately and avoid friction between different pieces. Softer stone types such as amethyst, opal, pearl, peridot and tourmaline can be damaged by harder gemstones. Gemstones can also scratch metals.
  • Clean the jewelry with a polishing cloth using a gentle circular motion to remove dirt and skin oils.
  • Silver oxidizes faster in some people than in others.(depending on the acidity of the skin). If the silver stains or dull, polish the metal with a silver polishing cloth or polish.


Enjoy this beautiful piece of jewelry!